Compounding Pharmacy

What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

Compounding provides patients with a cutting-edge way to customize your medication to your specific needs. Your general retail pharmacy is going to provide you with a limited number of medications that may cause certain side effects, trigger allergies, they may not be easily accessible or easy to ingest and etc. Our first step in the process of customizing your medication is working with YOU and your physician. Our compounding pharmacy is focused on how to help you feel more comfortable while taking your medication.

Why Choose Us?

Compounding cannot be done in all pharmacies. We need pharmacists that continuously update their techniques and training to be able to provide you with the precise medical compounds you may need. Our pharmacist is able to create medication to your specific dosage and can modify it based off your preferences.

These can include being preservative-free, dye-free, gluten-free, hypoallergenic, and/or we can add certain flavors. We can make suppositories, lozenges, gels, ointments, sprays, eye drops, lollipops, capsules, and so much more to fit your needs. On top of this, all of our compounds include FREE SHIPPING!

To make these compounds, our compounding pharmacy has a state-of-the-art, USP 800 lab facility geared towards making your medication in the safest and most precise way possible. In this lab, we can make hazardous and nonhazardous medication.

We specialize in many different types of compounded medications. Click below to explore in more details these specialties.

One size does not fit all! We are here to help you feel your best with treatment unique to you. YOU and your medications are our primary focus! That also includes our efficient delivery system and providing you with your medication within a day or two to be picked up or be delivered within the Western NY/Finger Lakes Region.